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Automatic Plant Watering Device


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Keep Your Plants Hydrated When You're Away For Days!

Are you planning to go on a VACATION but too worried that your plants might die from DEHYDRATION while you are away? Or are you the type who is almost always unknowingly overwatering your plants? Worry no more here's the perfect solution for you. The Automatic Plant Watering Device is the perfect tool for you! 

Automatic Plant Watering Device is a device specially made for plant watering. It is designed with a CONTROL VALVE that can control the DRIPPING SPEED of water from 0-60s/drip. The SUSTAINED RELEASE drip could last for ONE to FIFTEEN DAYS. Now you can throw your worries away and enjoy watching your plant babies grow up well hydrated and healthy!


    The flow rate can be controlled. This plant watering device comes with a control valve that can control the dripping speed of 0-60s/drip, and the sustained release drip lasts for 1-15 days. All you need to do is adjust the valve to meet your needs without any complicated setup. Save time and water.
    No tools are required for installation, just drill some holes in the bottom of the bottle or cut the tail of the bottle to keep the air flowing. It provides accurate water volume for different plants and flowers as each plant is unique.
    Suitable for brand bottles - Dr. Pepper bottle, Pepsi bottle, Coca-Cola bottle, Lipton bottle, Diet Coke bottle, Aquafina bottle, or other 1. 1-inch inner diameter bottles. (Bottle not included)
    Reduce waste and protect the environment.


  1. Insert the valve controller into the plant waterer, drill some holes in the bottom of the suitable bottle or cut the tail of the bottle, and add some water to the bottle, put into the waterer spike.
  2. Flip over the bottle and insert the watering spikes into the soil.
  3. Switch the valve until the correct flow of water.
  4. You can also add water-soluble fertilizer to the water storage container and proportionally water to help the plant absorb nutrients more quickly and efficiently.
  5. At the same time reduce the troubles of fertilization.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 135 x 30mm/5.32 x 1.19"


  • 1 x Automatic Plant Watering Device
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    Alessandra D.
    I like this product!

    Work better than any other! Perfect when you’re out of town for a few days!

    Lovely E.
    This is exactly what I want!

    I was so happy to open my door to happy and healthy plants after a three week trip away from home. These device work great, and I'm a bit embarrassed to say that they do a better job than I do at keeping my plants consistently watered. Many of my plants looked happier than ever. These are really the best and only solution (other than hiring a service) to take care of your houseplants for extended periods of time. My outside plants didn't fair as well even though a neighbor was tending to them. As long as you leave a water source large enough you can leave home with confidence for long periods of time.

    Miles O.
    Excellent product!

    Great, simple way to water my plants without thinking about it

    Beth A.
    Nice product!

    These are great for 8 inch pots or bigger. I have a 6 inch pot that I tried this in and the hole was too high up for it to work. Otherwise it does what it needs to do! I’m going to try cutting it down some and closing the bottom with hot glue or something to control the water output. The hole is at the base of the spike (where it connects to the bottle) and not down at the bottom to get the roots. They’re sturdy though and I had no problems getting them through the soil.

    Vivian L.
    Great product!

    Biggest limitation of the product is the size of the bottle the spikes will support. Good for about a week for indoor plants - less for out door plants in high heat. Regulators work well to time drips. Note recommended speed of drips for a given time period - in order to make the water last a week - this is a very slow setting. Getting the bottle inverted on the spike can be messy - practice over a sink. Also set the drip speed before placing near plant/in pot. Worked well for 2 indoor plants and one outdoor plant in a pot while on a ten day vacation